Posting with Purpose: 4 Ways to Connect Authentically

Being social on social media has never been more important than it is today. While you have the potential to reach thousands, everyone wants to feel like your message is personalized directly to them. The best way to curate this form of content is connecting to your intended audience authentically and build a community around your brand. 

The fifth post in the Posting with Purpose series is all about creating, sharing and interacting. Whether B2B or B2C, by following these four simple steps you will grow your company and social media presence as a well-loved, opinion leader in your industry. 

Tag Others. By tagging individuals, businesses and even larger recourses (with the intent to get featured!) you are identifying them to a particular post. The beauty of tagging: many social media accounts allow you to tag anyone in a photo or post! By tagging others you are giving credit where credit is due, and creating a connection with others. Remember, potential clients and other businesses who would rather work with a someone who is  transparent. 

Share, Share, Share! Here is your chance to become an opinion leader in your field! This step comes in two parts: share other social media posts and share tips. Be sure that you stay in the "safe zone" and only share content relative to your business and/or industry. When it comes to sharing tips, my favorite idea is to reserve a specific day of the week and share a tip that has helped you grow as a small business. This will help your audience as they will look forward to seeing that post each week!

Be Active. The biggest mistake people make when posting to social media is only pushing content, and not interacting. How can you build a community for your brand if you do not interact? It's simple: you can't. "Like" other posts, follow other businesses/industry professionals/national resources, create a dialogue and respond to reviews to increase your own activity. 

Avoid Self Promotion. With this final step, remember the phrase "everything in moderation." Do promote your brand and company culture, but avoid content that is overly promotional and commercial. It is always good to incorporate a brag post on a feature or new product, but do not go overboard by only posting that type of content. 

Be social, be authentic and strike up a conversation by incorporating the above steps in to your social media campaign. 

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