Q: Where did the name "Magnolia Media" come from? 

A: From growing up in God’s country in Virginia to being a Steel Magnolia myself, magnolias have been a part of my life. I have always felt a connection to the Southern tradition and aura that many people associate with magnolias, which is why I choose to be a huge part of my brand.

Q: Do you offer a la carte options for any of your services? 

A: Yes! A la carte options are available for the Petite Public Relations Package, which can be found by visit my Public Relations page. There is a Social Media Analysis available for those interested in having a review of current practices. Visit my Social Media page for more details.

Q: While you are based in North Carolina, are you able to work with clients in other areas?

A: Yes! I welcome all opportunities to work with wedding and lifestyle professionals throughout the United States. 

Q: Are you willing to work with companies not in the wedding or lifestyle industries? 

A: While my background is mostly wedding public relations, I also have experience in food and beverage, retail and event industries. Any company seeking my services in those industries is welcome to contact me. 

Q: Who took the photos for your website?

A: Audra Kreig Photography shot all the lovely, luminous photos featured throughout my website. She captures beautiful photos, and I highly recommend working with her!