A must for business growth and development, let Magnolia Media PR drive your social media success through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter + Pinterest.


To be present and reach your ideal audience in a social media campaign is our top priority when designing a strategy for your business.
It is all about designing an accurate representation of your brand on each social media platform. Magnolia Media PR will take on all social media engagement, management, and interaction for each of your platforms to build and grow your brand awareness. Through this consistent strategy, your business is engaged with current and potential clients - a business dynamic that is priceless. 

Fresh, trendy content and offering a unique perspective is the name of the game. Whether you do not have social media presence at all, crave a hashtag that is exclusively yours, or want to achieve a new online presence, I know exactly what it takes for your social media to boom. Let Magnolia Media Public Relations take on your voice and provide today's social media user the content they want to see.

To make the most significant impact on your social media, the Social Media Package is based on a 3-month minimum retainer with a set monthly fee. This package includes daily content creation, management, and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 
If you are interested to see how you can grow your social media using current trends, a Social Media Analysis is available upon request. 

Pricing for social media marketing begins at $200 and to inquire about additional details, please browse here.