Preparing for 2016: 3 Digital Marketing Trends

Over the next four weeks, I will be sharing topics that will help you prep your business for the New Year! To kick things off I wanted to touch on one of the most important topics that I will be covering: social media and digital marketing trends.

1 | Instant Updates

On-the-go and in-the-moment updates will rule the roost for 2016. When it comes to this ideology, think about real time applications (SnapChat and Periscope) and platform features (Facebook's Instant Articles) that will create the fastest visual marketing for your company. In addition, wow more than ever, consumers want to be able to put a face to your company's brand and that need will increase even more into the New Year. 

2 | Regulated Social Media Advertising 

Let's be honest - we all knew the day would come when the Federal Trade Commission would regulate social media advertising. In June, the FTC updated its social media marketing guidelines, but prepare yourself because they plan on cracking down in 2016. What does this mean for you? Fingers crossed that all your favorite platforms will create a tough monitoring system and you can advertise worry-free. However, err on the side of caution and read-up on the FTC's regulations here

3 | Hold the Phone

...At least that is what consumers will be doing even more in 2016. (I know - hard to believe we could be glued to our phones more than we already are!) As mobile friendly website and e-commerce sites are the new norm, social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest are adding buy buttons for consumers to easily purchase products and services. Again, it is all about visual marketing for 2016!

If you are ready to make waves with your digital marketing strategy for the New Year, contact me today and let's get started! 

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