The Launch of Something Lovely

A little over a year ago I crossed the stage to receive my Master's Degree in Strategic Public Relations from Virginia Commonwealth University. If you had asked me that day when did I think I would begin my own company, I probably would have said, "maybe in five years." But, if there is one thing I've learned it is that things don't always work out as planned. 

In January 2015 I started working with a small set of clients to help grow their company through social media marketing and wedding public relations strategies. In its short (4 months!) lifespan, Magnolia Media Public Relations has aided small businesses to bloom and thrive in their industry in ways that still bring a smile to my face!

I give 110 percent of my entrepreneurial spirit to my parents, who fought for their company even when the naysayers did not believe in them. Yes, I am taking a risk. Yes, there will be a lot of obstacles to overcome. Yes, there will be some who want to see Magnolia Media PR fail. However, I know that I have the tenacity to overcome all of those things and most important: I know I have what it takes. 

Thank you for celebrating and believing in Magnolia Media Public Relations. Words cannot describe how much your love and support for my new venture means! If you would like to contact me regarding a business inquiry or just want to drop by and say "hello," please browse here or send me an email: Cheers!