Staying True To Your Brand in a Trendy Industry

It should come to no surprise that having a strong brand means that your branding is consistent. However, how can you be consistent in an industry where trends are ever changing? From fashion and weddings to beverage and technology, it can be exhausting to stay true to your brand where the needs and wants of consumers seemingly change overnight. Today, I am bringing you three easy and simple ways to help you stay true to your brand especially for those of you in a trendy industry. 

1 | Find Your Voice. 

Your most effective marketing tactic will forever be your voice. Once you ensure that your brand and message are understood by your target audience, you can create a tone that embodies and expresses your brand's personality. Not only does your voice become your message, but also it helps your audience know what to expect and how to recognize your brand!

2 | Be Organic! 

In an image drive culture, it is easy to blend in with stock images and share content of other industry leaders. However, this is will not help the longevity of your brand. Be creative and maintain an image/video archive for your products and services to make sharing content easier during the busier season. 

3 | Don't Be Everywhere.

Being anywhere and everywhere will give you a oneway ticket to brand dilution. Whether it be a new advertising outlet or signing up for a new social media account, review and research what makes the most sense for your brand and company. (Even if it is the latest, greatest social media platform!) By controlling where your brand is and how it got there, you can still be trendy and keep your branding consistent. 

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