Posting with Purpose: Common Mistakes in Social Media

Whether it is Facebook or LinkedIn, it is easy to push messages out on your social media platforms and still feel like you have done your due diligence. But, could you imagine introducing yourself to a potential client and just walking away before any conversation had begun? What if that person wanted to learn about your company's background, inquire about pricing or submit an amazing review? You just lost an opportunity to connect with that potential (or current!) client because you were overwhelmed by the process. 

Today, I am continuing the Posting with Purpose blog series with common mistakes made on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. If you take anything away from today's blog let it be this: social media marketing is personal, one-on-one marketing that requires engagement with your audience. 



Top Mistake: Not using hashtags. |  Hashtags are the best way to make your content discoverable on social media. While it is not new to Twitter, hashtagging on Facebook is something that many users still have not adopted into their current campaign. Use relevant hashtags and reach out to a new audience that share a common interest with your business with each post or update on your Facebook page! 


Top Mistake: Not making the most of 140 characters. | Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to use push marketing strategies, and not interaction with your followers. Even though this strategy may work for larger corporations, it will not work for your small business. If this is you then you are missing an opportunity to create a dialogue. Do not get overwhelmed by all of the conversations on Twitter, and get involved with the right conversations! Use the proper hashtags, respond to your followers and make your tweets dynamic. 


Top Mistake: Cluster posting. | Whenever you post back-to-back images to Instagram you are diluting your account. Too little space between posts appears as spam to your followers, and they are more likely to click "unfollow" than double-tap your image. By staggering your posts to Instagram you are giving our followers a greater opportunity to engage and interact. 


Top Mistake: Only pinning your content. |  Pinterest is one of the best platforms to place your business as a opinion leader in your industry. If you only pin your products or photos from your blog/website you are going to lose followers and not get re-pinned. Pin content that will identify with your audience and build your following. Stay on top of what is trending in your industry and grow your following and re-pins from there!


Top Mistake: Sending generic messages and invites. | LinkedIn is commonly used by recruiting companies to find employees for their clients. Many of you may have received multiple automated, robotic messages or invitations. Sure it is difficult and time-consuming to create different context for your messages, but social media marketing is social! Craft creative content to those that you want to network with or reach out to as a potential client/consumer. 

Interested in making sure that you are not making these common social media mistakes? Contact Magnolia Media Public Relations to have a review of your current platforms.

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