Posting with Purpose: Free Social Media Printable!

Happy weekend, friends! As this is the sixth (and final!) week of the Posting with Purpose series, I have created a free social media printable just for you! In combination of the strategies outlined over the last five weeks, this printable will help you be accountable when it comes to posting to your social media accounts. 


Print out the free social media document by accessing it here. Write in the day(s) and time(s) you post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. At the end of the week, make sure that you completed the following final three items on the checklist: 

  1. Respond to all messages and comments. (Interact!)
  2. Shared and liked other posts by your clients, fellow industry partners, media sources, etc. (Engage!)
  3. Use appropriate hashtags related to that specific post, your industry and your company. Remaining consistent with your branding is extra important in this step!

Download the Free Social Media Printable

by clicking here!