Posting with Purpose: Building Your Brand with Social Media

Building and living your personal and business brand is more important than ever! By integrating brand strategies into a social media marketing campaign, you are able to leverage and grow your brand image. From hashtags and engagement to color palettes and posting regularly, I am diving into the best ways to building your brand using social media. Remember: when it comes to branding consistency is key!

Hashtags. This is one of the areas that I really, really harp on with my clients. Using consistent hashtags and creating a unique hashtag for your company allows current and future followers to recognize your brand. This is also a great tactic to share information on a specific product, launch, event or service!

Engagement.  By engaging with your audience you are creating a brand community of loyal followers. Engagement refers to the ways you respond to customer/client inquiries, "liking" and sharing other posts where your company is mentioned and even joining in relevant conversation. 

Color Palettes. If you had a brand board or inspiration board created for your company than I'm sure you have this part covered! In your logo, text and imagery stay consistent with marketing and in every social media post.

Imagery and Filters. This is a big one! When it comes to branding, always refer back to the idea that an image is worth a thousand words. If you post a random image with a filter that is very different from previous posts, your followers will notice and eyebrows will be raised. If you choose to add a filter to an image, be sure to add that same filter to every image after that. 

Posting Regularly. Posting every single day to every platform you use may not be the best way to reach your target audience. Research which platforms are the most valued for your ideal customer/client, and post regularly to those channels. By doing this step you will eventually be placed as an opinion leader in your industry, and gain influence!  

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