3 Tips for Planning for the Unplanned

If there is one thing that is guaranteed it is that things are constantly changing, even when you least expect it. I have never broken a bone in my body, and this week I clumsily fell and broke a bone in my hand. As the proud new owner of a hot pink cast, coincidentally on the hand I write with, my schedule was thrown out the window and I came to a harsh realization.

For starters, I had to accept a few things: I didn't plan far enough of advance to relish in "relaxation" of recovery, business doesn't stop even when you want to and you can never plan too far in advance. With that being said, I have survived the first few days of my new accessory by doing three things to keep my business running, even when I wanted to take a hiatus. Today, I am sharing those three tips that will help you plan for the unplanned and stick to running your business when life happens!

1 | Get Organized.

Make a list for weekly blog topics in advance, confirm appointments with your clients, schedule Facebook posts, set business hours...do whatever you need to feel in control and confident. As someone who lives by lists, checking off things I have accomplished (large and small!) is big progress when you are balancing everyday life and hectic surprises. Getting organized will keep you in focus of the day-to-day operations of your business by figuring out what's next and preparing for the unknown.

2 | Set Priorities.

Accepting that you are not Superman or woman is hard to do, but something we have to admit to ourselves when we cannot do everything. Create a daily list of priorities for what comes first. This will help you move forward to getting the most important things to completed first! By setting priorities, you are allowing yourself to check off the "must-do's" with the understanding that somethings on your checklist can wait until tomorrow.

3 | Know Your Limits.

If that unplanned moment in life pulls you away from your business for a few days or delays that important email for a couple hours, that is the best you can do!  If you jump back into business too soon your work will suffer and your clients/customers will be the first to notice. Allow yourself time to relax, recuperate, and refuel your energy.

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