Preparing for Instagram's Algorithmic Feed

Small business owners are buzzing about the latest news that Instagram is changing its' feed algorithm to mirror that of Facebook's. Instagram will soon update to sort posts not based on time, but organized by relevance on what it deems as "most important" to you! Three big players will be considered when it comes to posts considered "most popular" by the image-focused app: timeliness of the post, the relationship between the poster and the user, and the probability that the user will like the post. 

Yes, this upcoming change is cause for concern for those Instagram users who own a small business and do not have a huge following. Yes, this could mean that your content will get lost in the mix, especially if your followers follow many other accounts. However, consider yourself a head of the game because you are reading this blog! I am going to give your five easy steps to prepare for Instagram's newest change before the app is ready to update to help you feel confident when planning your new Instagram strategy. 

1 | Engage! 

Remember those loyal Instagram followers that you could always count on to heart your photo? This group of your followers are most likely to see your posts with Instagram's newest update. While you thought they already regularly engaged with you, get ready for even more love! You'll have the opportunity to turn them into loyal customers (if they aren't already!) because your company is already on their radar. 

In order to engage with a new audience, you will want to find your ideal client/customer by researching and being consistent. Research your ideal Instagram user by taking a gander at what your ideal customers are hashtagging and who they are following. Be consistent by creating a library of hashtags that will reach your target market and use them with all of your Instagram posts. (I'll cover more ways to be consistent below!)

2 | Integrate Organic and Paid Posts. 

While many people still look upon paid social media campaigns as taboo, Instagram's new algorithmic feed will actually help those users who advertise on the medium. By creating a social media plan that integrates organic and paid posts, you company will benefit because your content will be moved to the front-lines. Remember: now that the ever-studied, "perfect" time to post to your Instagram is fading away, paying for content is a great option to boost your followers and get your posts seen.  

3 | Quality Content is King. 

You many only get one chance to draw in a potential client, so the quality of your shared content is of the utmost importance. Having a cohesive feel to your feed, keeping a short and sweet copy and avoiding spam-like posting, are just a few ways you can increase the quality of your content. In addition, creating a personalized message to your key audience and posting meaningful content will keep users interested in what you have to share! 

4| Encourage Your Audience. 

Encourage your audience to "turn on post notifications" for your Instagram account! This can be done by selecting the three posts on the right-hand side of each post. When those dots are selected, users have the option of getting notifications each time your post to your account. 

5 | Stay In-the-Know. 

Without a doubt if you use this platform for your business that it will affect you! Paying attention to what your target market is interested in, keeping an eye on tactical shifts of your competition and following news and the latest developments with Instagram are three big ways that you will be able to stay in the know. 

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