Preparing for Instagram's Algorithmic Feed

Today on the blog, we are sharing the best practices to prepare for Instagram's newest update that will affect the feed algorithm. 

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4 Instagram Branding Tips

Did you know that Instagram has beaten Twitter in the number of active users? Media outlets, like CNBC, reported Instagram surpassed the 140-character platform by recently hitting 400 million users. In this visual world, it is no surprise that we are seeing social networking take a turn toward this new, popular medium.

If you are a new Instagram user it could be easy to get overwhelmed by other brands who have had a long-time presence, which is why I am giving four marketing practices that will help you stay focused and promote your brand! 

1 | Build a Community.

There's a reason I keep mentioning this throughout blog posts on social media marketing. By building a community on social media you are creating brand ambassadors for you company. The easiest way to do this is by creating a unique hashtag your target audience can follow. Do your research to find a hashtag that relates to your company, has not been used before and add it to every Instagram post you use. Not only will potential clients use this to learn more about your company, but there is a big chance they will join in and use the hashtag too! 

2 | Promote Your Instagram Everywhere. 

Promoting your Instagram on your Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc. will drive more traffic to the account. Do this by sharing posts directly from your Instagram account to other accounts, post a direct link to your Instagram page ([insert your username]) on Facebook and add the Instagram icon to your blog and website.  

TIP: Sharing posts directly from your Instagram to your Facebook is great to promote your new account; however, do this sparingly. Your followers will become bored with your accounts if you consistently do this and you could lose them! Always publish different, fresh content on each platform as much as possible!

3 | Keep Your Feed Beautiful. 

Keeping your Instagram feed beautiful means that the editing style (i.e. filters) and sizing of your photos are consistent. Whether you decide on warmer tones or a luminous look, choose one style and stick with it! In addition, finding the perfect dimension will also keep your feed beautiful. While there are resizing apps, Instagram newest sizing feature makes it easier for everyone to size photos that will perfectly fit the regulated dimensions. 

4 | Use Diverse Content. 

By using diverse content for your Instagram feed you are not only keeping your feed beautiful, but also keeping your audience from getting bored from your content. My suggestion is to post  as much creative content as possible, but sharing is great too (don't forget to credit the original publisher!). Whether you show images of a typical work day, use quotes or tips, diverse content that aligns with your brand will keep your audience invested and interested! 

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