Preparing for Instagram's Algorithmic Feed

Today on the blog, we are sharing the best practices to prepare for Instagram's newest update that will affect the feed algorithm. 

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5 Tips For Hosting an Instagram Takeover!

Instagram takeovers have become globally popular for increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. Normally, this digital event is hosted by an online opinion leader on an Instagram account that is not their own. Depending on the intended goal of the takeover, choosing a host and "poster" (i.e. the person or business creating the posts) comes in all shapes and sizes! 

Today on the blog, I am thrilled to present five tips when it comes to being the hosting account for the Instagram takeover to help make your digital event a success! 

1 | Find the Right Poster.

Yes, as a host account for the Instagram takeover and a digital influencer, you will need to make sure the company, ambassador or individual is compatible for your line of business. Prior to agreeing to an Instagram takeover, research the poster's website, products/services, business practices, etc. to ensure they will connect with your audience. While the standard intent of a takeover is for the poster to gain followers, you don't want to lose followers because their brand does not fit with yours! 

2 | Set the Guidelines. 

There is no shame in setting strict guidelines for an Instagram takeover. Once you and the poster decide on the overall goal of the takeover, set the guidelines based on those goals. Be clear and you will be the less likely to run into issues/problems during the event. Examples of guidelines include the following: using specific hashtags on each post, number of posts, content guidelines, duration of the takeover and even requiring the poster to interact with other users.

3 | Create a Hashtag!

Creating a unique hashtag with promote the Instagram takeover by allowing all of the posts to fall in one local area. In addition, an event hashtag will help other Instagram users follow along! Hashtags will also make the takeover easier for you too monitor should multiple contributors get in on the game.

4 | Promote!

There is no better way to create excitement about the Instagram takeover than promoting in through other outlets. Weeks leading up to the Instagram takeover, share the event on your blog and other social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). Not only could this lead to others interested in participating in your Instagram takeover, but also will allow your followers to pose any questions prior to the event. 

5 | Monitor. 

Sure, you've set the guidelines for your Instagram takeover, but there is always a chance the poster could go rogue. However long your Instagram takeover lasts, make sure to monitor the event and do not feel hesitant to make edits as necessary! (Just make sure to let the poster know of the edits you made and why!) Remember, at the end of the day, this is your account and your followers.

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